5 Apr 2010

Toddler dies in wall collapse

5:57 am on 5 April 2010

A 15-month-old child died on Saturday morning when a brick wall collapsed on her in Massey, West Auckland.

Emergency services arrived on the scene shortly after the wall collapsed at about 11am but nothing could be done to save the girl, Deeana Robertson, of Massey.

Glen Taylor from St John Ambulance says a call came in that the wall had collapsed and it was quickly established that the child was not breathing.

He says the call-taker talked family members through how to do emergency resuscitation until the ambulance arrived.

Mr Taylor says ambulance staff took over CPR for another 15 minutes but unfortunately Deeana had died.

Police say initial indications are that the wall was not struck by anything but simply, and tragically, collapsed.