16 May 2016

Another Wicked Campers van banned

7:43 pm on 16 May 2016

The chief censor has banned another Wicked Campers van, this time for having a misogynistic message on it.

Chief Censor Andrew Jack says the slogan on the back of the van is a sexual act which has been portrayed in a highly degrading and demeaning way.

Queenstown-Lakes District Council want to see if they can prosecute Wicked Campers for displaying displaying sexually explicit slogans on their vans.

Photo: RNZ / YouTube

"It's not so much the act that is of a concern, but it's the fact that it's presented in a way that makes light of it and turns it into a joke. Wicked Campers in its submission has suggested it's all done in jest, but it's not to us in the office."

Last month three vans sporting pictures of cartoon characters with illegal drugs were ordered off the road in the first classification involving vehicles.

Wicked Campers faces fines of up to $200,000 if the designs are displayed again.

The vans featured Snow White, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, and a character from Dr Seuss, with illegal drugs.

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