18 Jul 2016

No parole for woman who stabbed husband to death

1:44 pm on 18 July 2016

A Christchurch woman who stabbed her husband to death in their bed has been denied parole.

Lucille Scollay in the dock at the High Court in Christchurch.

Lucille Sarah Scollay in the dock during her trial in 2014 Photo: CHRISTCHURCH STAR / Pool

Lucille Sarah Scollay, who is now 47, was found guilty of killing her husband of 20 years, Guy Christian Scollay, at their St Albans home in February 2013.

Scollay, who was sentenced in March 2014 to six years' in prison for manslaughter, argued that she never intended to kill her severely depressed husband - instead, she wanted to shock him into making a change to their lives.

The Parole Board said Scollay had been involved in a fight with another prisoner and her aggressive behaviour led her to leaving a drug treatment program.

It said that as she had no plan for release, it could not be ruled out that she posed an undue risk to community safety.

Scollay will now be due for parole in July next year.