22 Jul 2016

Travelling on Auckland buses about to get cheaper

7:08 am on 22 July 2016

Many Auckland public transport users will get cheaper trips from mid-August under the biggest shake-up yet of the fare system.

The new deals for those using the city's electronic AT HOP travel card include the ability to pay a single fare even for longer journeys involving several transfers.

Auckland bus sign

Photo: 123RF

A simplified zone system around the city will lower fares for some passengers travelling longer distances.

There will be a new $18 day pass covering all services other than ferries going beyond the inner harbour.

Supergoldcard holders will need a new AT HOP electronic card to travel free from 1 July.

Photo: RNZ / Todd Niall

The introduction of the Simplified Fare system on 14 August brings the first major fare benefits enabled by the introduction of the $100 million AT HOP electronic ticketing system.

Auckland Transport said 87 percent of journeys are now made with the card, and the benefits over cash fares will be significant.

On a two-zone journey transferring from bus to train, an adult will pay $8 in cash or just $3.10 if using a card.

At weekends children under 15 will be able to travel for up to 4 hours for 99 cents, on an AT HOP card.

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