9 Aug 2016

Apartment dwellers face third night without power

9:23 pm on 9 August 2016

The residents of Auckland's Metropolis Hotel Apartments, one of Auckland's most plush apartment and hotel buildings, will spend their third night in the dark tonight night with no power.

Metropolis Hotel - Apartments in Auckland Central City

Residents of Auckland's Metropolis Hotel Apartments face another night without power. Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Rebekah McLeod lives in the building with her husband and seven-week-old baby.

She said the building was getting colder as the residual heat seeped out, but they were getting to know their neighbours as everyone was gathering in the hallways and corridors, where there is still power.

They have also moved their fridge, microwave and kettle into the hallway for her neighbours to use as well, she said.

"We attached the extension cord from the hallway into the apartment so I could do my washing.

"So we are just sort of making do really," Ms McLeod said.

And with temperatures below five degrees in Auckland this morning, residents said they were fed up.

Auckland apartment without power for 3 days

Ben, who lives in the apartment building, said he would be spending tonight in a hotel. Photo: RNZ / YouTube

One resident, Ben, told Checkpoint with John Campbell he was told on Sunday night the power would be restored that evening, but has since been told it would not be restored by tonight.

"Firstly I was told it was a vector issue, then it was some part that broke ... and the latest story is that something is coming from overseas."

Metropolis Apartments operations manager Amit Anand said power would not be restored until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

He said the problem lay with lines company Vector, and that other buildings were also affected.

"They don't have any parts at the moment, so they are getting it sourced from Christchurch.

"So we are waiting for that and let's see how it goes."

He said hopefully power would be back on by Wednesday evening.

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