23 Aug 2016

Banking blunder hits BNZ customers

12:19 pm on 23 August 2016

A banking mixup hit customers BNZ customers this morning.

BNZ Wellington.

BNZ said the mixup was caused by a system error. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The bank said a systems error had led to messages from the bank being sent to the wrong people.

Auckland woman Joanna Paul raised the alarm after receiving an official text message from the BNZ.

Ms Paul said she was told she was $10,000 overdrawn - but this was not true and she did not have the bank account that was named.

She said she feared the bank might have a security problem.

But BNZ said a system error caused a small number of customers to get routine alerts for accounts that did not belong to them.

It said the alerts did not include customer account numbers or names.