11 Sep 2016

Tourists rescued from Taranaki track

10:29 pm on 11 September 2016

Three tourists, including one whose arm is thought to be broken, have been safely rescued from Mt Taranaki.

Mt Taranaki is one of New Zealand's most distinctive volcanoes.

Mount Taranaki (file photo) Photo: Andy Reisinger

A helicopter rescue crew had to dodge rocks from an avalanche while they were rescuing the three climbers.

The alarm was raised late this afternoon when the three were seen struggling to get a friend off the mountain with a broken arm.

Just before the rescue helicopter arrived at 8pm the men were caught out by an avalanche.

The rescue crew say they had to dodge falling rocks and lumps of ice, some as big as a football, to reach the trio.

The tourists were traversing a route called 'The Policeman' on the eastern side of the mountain, which runs from the ski field to the summit.

The trio were taken to Taranaki Base Hospital for treatment.