14 Sep 2016

Meth imported to Auckland in baby carriers

8:11 pm on 14 September 2016

A man from Latvia has been jailed for smuggling $1 million worth of methamphetamine into New Zealand in baby carriers.

A photo released by NZ Customs shows a package containing meth found inside a baby carrier. A man from Latvia was jailed on 14 September 2016 for smuggling $1m of the drugs into New Zealand.

A photo released by Customs shows a package found inside a baby carrier. Photo: Supplied / NZ Customs

Arturs Stasevskis, 20, was sentenced today to six years' imprisonment for importing and possessing the Class A drug.

Customs said he was stopped at Auckland Airport by officers in March this year, and they found 1kg of meth hidden in seven baby carriers in his luggage.

He also concealed some of the drug in tie boxes.

Customs said it was understood he was given the drug by someone in Riga in Latvia, and had agreed to smuggle it into New Zealand where it would be collected, and he would be paid.