24 Sep 2016

Police still investigating gang prospect's death

12:25 pm on 24 September 2016

Police are still investigating the death of a Tribesmen Motorcycle gang prospect, seven months after he was assaulted at the gang's headquarters.

Clayton Ratima

Clayton Ratima Photo: Supplied / Police

Clayton Ratima, who was 24, was taken to Auckland's Middlemore Hospital with severe injuries in February, but died three days later.

Detective Senior Sergeant Albie Alexander said the investigation had built up a good picture of who was at the gang's Otara headquarters when Mr Ratima was assaulted.

He said some gang members were refusing to speak to them.

"But rest assured I have a very experienced team working with me and those persons won't go away and we will chase them up and speak to them accordingly."

This week the police confirmed a body found in Northland was that of a patched Tribesman, Kimble Moore, who was 48. Mr Moore's 57-year-old brother, Gary Moore, was killed in a fight in July.

Teina Taunga, 29, has pleaded not guilty to his murder.