26 Sep 2016

Neurologist would like to see charity boxing gone

3:22 pm on 26 September 2016

An Auckland neurologist is backing calls for charity boxing matches to be done away with.

It follows the weekend death of Neville Knight, who collapsed during a charity bout in Hamilton and could not be revived.

International boxing official Keith Walker has questioned whether inexperienced boxers should be allowed into the ring and has said boxing should not be used for fundraising.

Auckland neurologist Rosamund Hill questioned whether pre-bout medical testing was stringent enough, compared to the tests a professional or regular amateur boxer was given.

Dr Hill said she also had concerns about people being coerced into such fights because they wanted to help a charity.

"I certainly don't think this is the right way to go about raising money for charities. I think we should come up with other ways to raise money for charities rather than ways that place people at significant risk."

A post-mortem is expected to be carried out today.