Nelson mayor looks for new community links

9:19 pm on 27 October 2016

The new Nelson City Council has been sworn in, with four new faces appointed to deputy chair roles.

Nelson mayor Rachel Reese.

Nelson mayor Rachel Reese. Photo: RNZ / Tracy Neal

Re-elected mayor Rachel Reese signalled at today's ceremony she intended to build on a model of developing partnerships with outside groups and organisations.

Nelson city has already forged working links with conservation and environmental groups to develop nature and biodiversity programmes.

Paul Matheson, a former long-serving mayor, has retained the deputy mayor appointment he had last term, while newly elected councillors have gained key committee roles.

Ms Reese told RNZ News it provided learning opportunities.

"From the outside, local government can seem relatively straightforward, I wish it was. And it's important to spend some time to make sure that everybody who sits at this table can be successful, because that's what I want to happen."

Ms Reese said there were projects she was turning her mind to, but her main focus this term would be to drive community engagement in the council's processes and plans.