1 Nov 2016

'Very dangerous' man luring women online - police

3:43 pm on 1 November 2016

A "very dangerous man" who allegedly attacked a woman last week is trying to meet other dates online, police say.

Jessie Heke-Gray.

Jessie Heke-Gray. Photo: NZPolice

Jessie Heke-Gray, 32, has been on the run since September, when he left his approved accommodation in Otara, Auckland, in breach of his prison release conditions.

He was thought to have travelled to Northland and was avoiding police.

"Jessie Heke-Gray is a very dangerous man," Inspector Al Symonds said.

Heke-Gray had a history of violence towards women, was believed to be a meth user, was displaying signs of paranoia and might have access to a firearm, he said.

Mr Symonds alleged Heke-Gray violently assaulted a woman he met on social media last Tuesday.

Police believed he was still active on social media sites and was trying to meet other women for dates using Facebook and other social media applications.

Armed police went to a Whangarei property after police received information he might be there, but he was not found.

"We need to catch this man as soon as possible," Mr Symonds said.

"Anyone who may be helping him to hide should consider that they will have the full force of the law thrown at them if we find that they have helped him avoid capture."

Anyone who knew where Heke-Gray was should contact police, he said.