2 Dec 2008

Tuesday's newspaper headlines

12:00 pm on 2 December 2008

NZ Herald

The lead in the New Zealand Herald says an Air Force rescue mission or a chartered Air New Zealand jet could be used to get New Zealanders out of Bangkok if unrest there becomes worse. The paper talks to farmer Martin Rapley who paid $3000 to get on a flight to Singapore and then home - he says it was worth it. Prime Minister John Key says the Government is working on a plan to help small and medium businesses cope with the recession.

Dominion Post

The paper's lead says the new Government's hardline stance on crime means more inmates may have to share cells, increasing the risk of prison violence. Twenty New Zealanders have made it out of Thailand on a flight to Sydney amid reportedly chaotic scenes as countries rush to get their nationals out on special flights. The Dominion Post reports schoolboy Luke McDermott has won a $48,000 car despite not yet having a driving license. He won the prize in a spot draw at the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge on Saturday.

The Press

The Press has coverage of the depositions hearing of Asha Ali Abdille who is charged with hijacking an Air New Zealand plane. The plane's captain told the court that Abdille told him "you all are going to die". The tragic loss of four members of Air New Zealand's staff in last week's plane crash in France will be marked with a minute's silence by colleagues around the world.

Otago Daily Times

The lead in the ODT says Meridian Energy has won interim approval to take water from the lower Waitaki River for its $900 million north bank power scheme. The Wakatipu will be the location for a $74 million international school attracting top students from around the world. The paper interviews ex-Dunedin resident Phil Sweeney who said he was so convinced he was going to die at the hands of terrorists while trapped in Mumbai that he rang his family to say goodbye. He was trapped in the city's Oberoi Hotel while the sound of gunfire drew closer.