14 Dec 2016

Woman attacked while jogging near Auckland Zoo

2:18 pm on 14 December 2016

Three young men are being sought by the police - one of whom is a witness - after a young woman out jogging was attacked near Auckland Zoo.

Western Springs

The woman was jogging in Western Springs when she was attacked. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The police said the woman, who is in her 20s, had been out running when she was stopped at about 8.30pm by the trio, near an enclosure to the zoo in Western Springs.

They said one of the men grabbed her, while another pushed her, and started pushing her towards the creek.

Police said she fell, a struggle ensued and then she made a break for it.

Detective senior sergeant Glenn Baldwin said they are calling on the man who witnessed what they believe to be a sexually-motivated attack to help them track down the other two.

All three of them are described as caucasian and aged 16 or 17.