22 Dec 2016

Man charged with ill-treating bobby calves

1:03 pm on 22 December 2016

The Ministry for Primary Industries has filed charges against another person over bobby calf abuse.

Bobby calf

File photo of a bobby calf: A 65-year-old man has been charged with ill-treating calves. Photo: RNZ / Cosmo Kentish-Barnes

A Pukekohe man, aged 65, has been charged with ill-treating calves by dragging them by single limbs while transporting them to pet food processing factory, Down Cow.

The alleged offending happened in August last year. He is due to appear in Huntly District Court in February.

One person has been convicted over the abuse of bobby calves after an animal rights group exposed his actions.

Noel Erickson, who worked at Down Cow, pleaded guilty and got a two year prison term].

Another case of alleged mistreatment of bobby calves involving Down Cow and its director Alan Cleaver is still before the courts.