NZ fans mourn loss of star Carrie Fisher

4:57 pm on 28 December 2016

The galaxy is glowing a little less brightly for New Zealand's Star Wars community after news of Carrie Fisher's death.

New Zealand Star Wars fans Matt ad Kristy Glasgow with Carrie Fisher in 2011.

New Zealand Star Wars fans Matt and Kristy Glasgow with Carrie Fisher, centre, in 2011. Photo: Supplied / Matt Glasgow

The actress died at the age of 60 today.

Kristy Glasgow, who runs a Star Wars fan community with her husband Matt, met Fisher five times at various Star Wars conventions over the years.

"It's been a really sad day for all of the Star Wars community, everyone was hoping and praying that she'd be able to pull through," she said.

Fisher was always generous with her fans by taking the time to talk to them, Mrs Glasgow said.

"She makes you feel like she remembers you, because she just has a warmth in the way she makes you feel like she's completely paying attention," she said.

"It is a job for them but she always made it feel like she was doing it for the love of the fans, the community."

In 2011 at a costume convention, Mrs Glasgow won a prize for the Princess Leia costume she was wearing.

"I was a little bit late to run over to the photo session with Carrie... I couldn't get changed so I had to go in my costume but it turned out to be a great sort of treat," she said.

"[Carrie] pulled me aside, gave me a hug and she talked to me about my costume and we just kind of got this moment where we could stop and chat. She was obviously busy but she wanted to spend some time talking with fans."

Fisher told Mrs Glasgow her costume was "wonderful" and that she hoped she won.

"I was able to tell her that yes I did. She was really happy and gave me a hug," Mrs Glasgow said.

Mrs Glasgow, who calls herself a full time Star Wars hobbyist, also runs a website on women's Stars Wars fashion - where Carrie Fisher is a constant inspiration.

"Being strong and doing what you want - both her character and in real life she was always confident and witty and [an] inspiration as a whole."