29 Dec 2016

App shares rip warning

12:52 pm on 29 December 2016

Beachgoers can share and receive warnings about rips - and sharks - this summer with a new free app.

Technology company Thundermaps developed the app, Safer Me.

Managing director Clint van Marrewijk said Safer Me was set up to help keep people safe at work, but with staff heading to the beach this summer, they added the ability to share the location of sharks and rips.

Those with the app can share the spot of a rip and a photo of it with anyone within 400 metres.

"Anyone [who] approaches that location will get a warning ... and they'll be able to see there's a rip here, let's be aware, let's swim between the flags and stay safe," he said.

In New Zealand rips were a greater risk than sharks, Mr van Marrewijk admitted.

You can download the safer.me app [www.getsaferme.com here].