13 Jan 2017

Christchurch tenant investigated over scrap item complaints

8:32 pm on 13 January 2017

The owner of a Christchurch property overrun with junk and scrap items says she has been trying to remove the tenant living there for over a year.

Miscellaneous items line the footpath of Grove Street address

Miscellaneous items line the footpath of Grove Street address. Photo: RNZ / Maja Burry

Metal barrels, an empty bathtub placed on top of a car and a trailer filled with miscellaneous items line the footpath of the property on Grove Street in Addington.

Piles of scrap metal inside the property can also been seen from the road.

The property owner said there was one male tenant living at the house and he had been there for more than five years.

She had been trying for over a year to remove him, she said.

The head of regulatory compliance for the Christchurch City Council, Tracey Weston, said the council had received 20 complaints about the property in the past five years.

The latest complaint was on 16 November 2016.

"The nature of the complaint was reported to council as an obstruction to the footpath outside the address," Ms Weston said.

She said a team was investigating the property under the Resource Management Act, "relating to an activity being undertaken on the site which may have an adverse effect on the environment".

The council has recently received similar complaints about two other properties.

Ms Weston said, in the past 12 months, there had been two complaints regarding a property on Colombo Street and two complaints for a property on Ferry Road.