Carriers complain over Auckland water cuts

8:56 am on 17 January 2017

Carriers who collect water from Auckland Council's Watercare filling stations north of the city are fed up with Watercare turning off taps and not letting them know.

The Stanmore Bay and Wellsford stations have been closed and the backlog of demand is mounting.

The owner of Wellsford-based water carrier Trac N Trix, Caleb Gamble, said the tap to the Wellsford filling station was turned off at 8am on Saturday, and he wasn't able to fill up again until midday yesterday.

Mr Gamble said he had a week-long waitlist.

Annemaree Rhind, who owns ASAP Water in Whangaparaoa, said Watercare turned off the taps at Stanmore Bay and Gulf Harbour because locals complained about poor water pressure.

She said the company needed to tell its customers to curb their usage so people could refill their tanks.

A Watercare spokeswoman said its first priority was to ensure homes and businesses connected to the network enjoyed unrestricted access to water.

She said this is why, from time-to-time, filling stations were restricted.