29 Jan 2017

Plane departs after eight-hour tarmac wait

9:58 pm on 29 January 2017

A Singapore Airlines flight has left Auckland eight hours after its first take-off was aborted.

Air bus A380

File photo of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. Photo: AFP

Passengers waited eight hours in the plane. They have a more than 10-hour flight ahead.

Flight SQ286 was meant to depart for Singapore at 1.30pm, but there was a problem with the front wheel of the Airbus A380.

Auckland Airport said the flight was re-scheduled to depart about 5pm. It was then further delayed to 8pm.

The passengers were not allowed off the plane, but were given food.

The plane flew out at 9.25pm.

The flight to Singapore is 10 hours, 30 minutes.

Emirates flight EK406 from Dubai, via Melbourne, which was due to land at Auckland Airport just before 2pm, was diverted to Ohakea Air Force Base because the runway was closed for inspection after Singapore Airlines incident.

The Emirates flight landed in Auckland just before 6.30pm.