31 Jan 2017

Webcam star Albatross chick in intensive care

5:26 pm on 31 January 2017

A newly-hatched albatross chick that became a webcam star for Otago Peninsula's colony has been rushed to intensive care.

Rangers discovered yesterday the three-day old chick was fly-blown and infested with maggots.

Otago Peninsula Trust marketing manager Sophie Barker said the chick was cleaned with an antiseptic, but was today found to be under its hatch weight, so was removed from its nest and placed in intensive care.

A sick chick at the Otago albatross colony is being watched over with a webcam.

A sick chick at the Otago albatross colony has been watched over by a webcam. Photo: Supplied

The chick and its parents had been the star of the colony's webcam, drawing fans from far and wide, who were praying for the chick's recovery, she said.

The webcam pair of albatross had been given a foster chick to nurture.

Ms Barker said 19 out of 20 chicks had survived so far this year, and four eggs were still to hatch.

Two albatross with their sick chick at the Otago sanctuary.

A shot from the webcam of the two albatross with the sick chick at the Otago sanctuary. Photo: Supplied

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