24 Dec 2008

Council considers changes to management methods

6:08 am on 24 December 2008

Auckland City Council is looking at changing the way some key facilities and services are managed.

Council officers and consultants have been looking at the merit of having non-elected boards of businesspeople on holding companies run the likes of the zoo, art gallery and libraries. Committees of councillors oversee them at present.

Deputy Mayor David Hay says the city's 19 councillors and mayor were not elected to be experts in running facilities.

Mr Hay is part of the Citizen & Ratepayers group on the council.

Councillor Cathy Casey of the opposing City Vision group says the council will face a backlash if this results in higher prices or new fees.

Auckland University political scientist Dr Graham Bush says it is not unusual for local bodies to call in outside expertise to help manage projects and services.