Missing pew mystery solved

7:31 pm on 22 February 2017

The case of the missing pews at an Auckland church has been solved, with contractors removing the seats without the church's managers knowing.

The pews would have been difficult to remove, say police.

Police were earlier treating the disappearance of the pews as a burglary. Photo: Supplied / NZ Police

Police were earlier treating the disappearance of the 10 long seats from the Mt Eden Presbyterian Church on Esplanade Rd on Sunday as a burglary, saying at least two people and a large vehicle or trailer would have been needed to take them.

They said this evening they had received several calls from contractors who told them the building was due to be demolished and they had removed the pews.

Police said they had contacted the church managers, who were not aware the pews were due to be removed.

Constable Laura Van Doormaal said there appeared to have been a misunderstanding between the parties.

"The good news is that no one has burgled the church. We'll be speaking further with both parties to establish exactly what has happened, but for now we can say that there are no burglars involved."

The missing pews from the back of the church.

The seats are more than 8m long and more than 117 years old. Photo: NZ Police

Some of the remaining pews at the Mt Eden Presbyterian Church.

Photo: Supplied / NZ Police