8 Mar 2017

Boy missing in Whanganui area since Saturday

7:16 pm on 8 March 2017

Police in Whanganui are asking for assurances that a 12-year-old boy who's been missing for nearly four days is safe and sound.

Keanu Ranginui

Keanu Ranginui Photo: Supplied / Police

Keanu Ranginui went for a walk at about 9pm last Saturday night and hasn't been seen since.

He's gone missing before - and there are several houses in the city he's been known to stay at - but his parents are getting worried at the lack of contact.

The senior sergeant on the case, Nathan Davis, is asking anyone who can definitively say Keanu is OK to get in touch with the police and his parents.

He said his mother believed that Keanu was still in the Castlecliff area of Whanganui.

Mr Davis said they had talked to some of his friends, but had got no strong leads.

Keanu is about 140-centimetres tall, has straight brown hair and wears prescription glasses with blue frames.

He was last seen wearing a black hoody, grey shorts and a blue NY cap. He was barefoot at the time.