1 Jan 2009

Praise for Mt Fyffe trampers

4:32 pm on 1 January 2009

Kaikoura police are full of praise for four trampers who sat out extremely strong winds on Mount Fyffe in the north of the South Island.

The experienced local climbers walked off the mountain and into the Kaikoura police station just after midday on Thursday after being caught up in windy conditions.

They had been on the mountain for at least two days.

One of the party contacted a family member in Christchurch to tell them they wouldn't be coming down on Thursday morning as planned.

Senior Constable Andy Watson said the police had no concerns for the group, given their level of experience and the fact that they chose to wait out the conditions.

He said the climbers warned others who were heading up the mountain and brought some people out with them who intended to go into the same areas.