22 Mar 2017

High schoolers victims in mass brawl - principal

7:04 pm on 22 March 2017

A South Auckland high school principal says it appears his students were the victims in a brawl involving 15 to 20 people fighting with sticks, bats and knives.

The brawl left a teenager in hospital. Two men, aged in their 20s, have received formal warnings.

Homai train station - Google Maps

The fight was by the Homai train station in Manurewa (file photo) Photo: Google Maps

Police arrested several people after officers were called to break up the fight on McVilly Road, by the Homai train station, in Manurewa yesterday evening.

Police said a 15-year-old boy was taken to Middlemore Hospital. He has since been discharged.

Several others were injured and knocked unconscious.

Manurewa High School principal Pete Jones said the fight involved students and people who were not from the school.

"At this stage, it appears the students were the victims," he said.

The school was in contact with police about the incident.

Police said they were following up with two others involved in the fight and their families.

They were checking CCTV footage and cellphone videos of the fight.