12 Jan 2009

No problems for police at peace festival

6:11 pm on 12 January 2009

Police have praised a well-behaved crowd at the Parihaka International Peace Festival, saying there was little to keep officers busy.

The three-day event in Taranaki finished on Sunday evening and was aimed at passing on a tradition of peace and justice from one generation to the next.

Police say the only charge likely to arise from the event is due to a car crash outside the entrance.

St John's Ambulance workers say the most serious ailment treated was a burst ear drum.

The festival was officially opened with a powhiri at the entrance to Parihaka Park on Friday. Fifty bands were set to take the stage during the event.

However, organisers say they had put more emphasis on other activities this year, including an eco forum, carving, weaving and traditional healing.