22 Apr 2017

More bikes stolen from Auckland primary school

10:17 pm on 22 April 2017

A teacher aide at an South Auckland primary school says she is furious that half of their school bikes have been stolen in the past four days.

The stolen bicycles looked similar to these.

Photo: Facebook / Claire Atkinson

Bianca Tua, who has been working at Weymouth Primary school for the last two years, said up to 15 bikes had been taken since Wednesday.

Ms Tua said she was asking the community to let her know if they saw the bikes so she could take them back herself.

"So if someone can let me know where these bikes are I can get there before the police do.

"I let them know the bikes stolen and then I just take it off them."

She said it was dangerous but she said someone had to stop the culprits who she said were between 12 and 16-years-old.

Ms Tua said it was sad students at the school wouldn't be able to use the bikes.

More than a dozen bikes were stolen from another South Auckland primary school last month.