27 Jun 2017

America's Cup bagged, Louis Vuitton bags biffed

12:09 pm on 27 June 2017

New Zealanders, eh, first they stole the America's Cup back - then they threw away the luxury bags worth thousands of dollars.

Team NZ's sailors were presented with pricey bags from America's Cup sponsor Louis Vuitton - some of which were quickly thrown into the crowd.

Footage from Sky Sport - via another website - showed the sponsor's bags being presented to the winning sailors, before some were hurled in celebration into the crowd. Photo: Screenshot / Sky Sport via Alternative Commentary Collective (theaccnz.com)

Team New Zealand's victory today was a win, apparently, for the little guys over the billionaires. Go us. And, of course, to the victors go the spoils.

At the post-race celebrations, there were the obligatory bottles of champagne to be sprayed liberally about the place and quaffed from the Auld Mug.

There were also Louis Vuitton travel bags handed out to the New Zealand sailors. The luxury goods maker has a long history of sponsoring the regatta, with the challenger series carrying its name. The sailors held them aloft, as requested, in all their glory and then unceremoniously hurled them into the crowd. Yes, hurled them into the crowd. It's like throwing out gold bars - just softer.

Down below the fans practically stampeded to get their hands on the bags, which appear to retail for more than $US2000 each. It wasn't a pretty sight but the internet has embraced what it believes is a typically Kiwi approach in the face of such fine trappings.

You could, of course, also look at it differently and suggest it backs up those claims that the cup is a preserve of the rich.

Further evidence suggests, however, that the team, while they can walk on water, have their feet firmly grounded back on land - with a quick game of backyard cricket part of the later celebrations.

Members of Team NZ celebrate their history-making win with a game of cricket with their kids.

Members of Team NZ celebrate their history-making win with a game of cricket with their kids. Photo: Supplied / Yachting NZ CEO David Abercrombie

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