5 Jun 2010

Parole denied to Panmure RSA getaway driver

11:29 am on 5 June 2010

Parole has been denied to a man who drove the getaway car used in the triple killing by William Bell at the Panmure RSA in 2001.

But Darnell Tupe will have to wait only four months to have his request for an early release from jail heard again.

Bell is serving one of New Zealand's longest prison terms, of at least 30 years, for the murders. Tupe is serving 12 years for manslaughter.

Since it last saw him in November, the Parole Board says, Tupe has had 10 supervised shopping trips and is now employed seven days a week.

The board says approval has been withdrawn for the address he could have been released to, but doesn't say why.

It wants him to be sent on home leave as often as possible before his next parole hearing in October.