31 Jul 2017

Pre-school teacher sentenced to home detention for assaulting kids

6:14 pm on 31 July 2017

A former day-care supervisor and teacher has been sentenced to five months home detention for assaulting children under her care.

Lynn Abraham

Lynn Abraham Photo: RNZ / Edward Gay

Lynn Euphemia Abraham, 59, was found guilty in May on 10 charges, including smacking children, force-feeding others and washing a boy's mouth out with soap.

She was cleared of a charge alleging she sellotaped over a four-year-old's mouth.

She was sentenced in the Waitakere District Court today by Judge June Jelas for assaulting the children, all of whom were under five years old.

Judge June Jelas told Ms Abraham her offending was a gross breach of the parents' trust as they left their children in Ms Abraham's care.

However she said she did not think Ms Abraham was a risk to society and had a low chance of reoffending.

Outside the court room, one of the parents complained that Abraham deserved a harsher sentence.

"[It] doesn't really fit the crime at all, [I'm] not very happy about it," he said. "It's not setting a very good example for anyone that could possible do it in the future, they'd just get off scotch free."

The father said Abraham's action had affected his family tremendously.