18 Sep 2017

Podiatric surgeon told he needed to 'prove his competence'

5:21 pm on 18 September 2017

A foot surgeon faces possible legal action over the poor care he provided to an airport security officer.

The Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner has also told the unnamed surgeon to apologise.

The airport security officer suffered multiple fractures to his right foot in an accident in 2011.

Long periods standing at work worsened the pain and the surgeon diagnosed a heel disorder in both feet in 2013.

He operated on the right foot and the left one 19 days later, although the man was still in pain from the first operation.

The deputy commissioner Meenal Duggal said a more thorough assessment was needed before the first surgery to determine if it was the right treatment.

As well, the surgeon should have waited to see if the first operation was successful before embarking on the next.

She said if the surgeon decided to return to work as a podiatric surgeon he should prove his competence first.