19 Sep 2017

Postie quit after supervisor made death threats - union

5:32 pm on 19 September 2017

A Hamilton former postie was expected to continue working with her supervisor despite eight months of bullying that included threats on her life, she says.

Jessica Peebles

Jessica Peebles Photo: Supplied

Jessica Peebles had worked for New Zealand Post for about nine years before the harassment started, but left the company last week.

Ms Peebles said her supervisor wrongly accused her of having a relationship with the supervisor's partner and made her life hell from that point on.

She said the harassment included two threats on her life.

Ms Peebles said she took a personal grievance, which she won. She said New Zealand Post acknowledged she was subjected to ongoing bullying and upheld the allegation of the first death threat.

The Postal Workers Union said the supervisor remained in her position.

It said despite this and her request to have no further contact with her supervisor, Ms Peebles was still expected to work with her.

"It is unacceptable that they were both expected to continue working in the same location despite the fact that Ms Peebles was harassed and threatened by a direct superior," the union said.

"In addition to the death threats, Ms Peebles was regularly scrutinised and taken aside by the supervisor for inappropriate personal questions and conversation. The supervisor also spread rumours about Peebles. NZ Post acknowledged that these events also took place," it said.

Ms Peebles said other workers at the Hamilton delivery branch were now being picked on and warned not to talk.

In a statement, a New Zealand Post spokesperson said the company was aware of the complaint made by Ms Peebles and its discussions with her were ongoing.

It said it did not comment on employment matters relating to staff members.