18 Jun 2010

'Ambush marketing' won't be allowed at RWC

6:29 pm on 18 June 2010

Rugby World Cup organisers say they will clamp down on companies that try to market their products at games without having paid sponsorship money.

Strict intellectual property laws have been enforced in South Africa, where two Dutch women are accused of ambushing a beer sponsorship deal at the football World Cup.

The pair were among 36 women thrown out of a World Cup game for wearing plain orange mini-dresses that had been sold by a Dutch brewery with no commercial links to the tournament.

It's claimed the group attended the game as a stunt to undermine the official World Cup beer, Budweiser.

Rugby World Cup Ltd says it will also target companies that maliciously engage in organised ambush marketing.

Those who do so at next year's tournament are liable to be fined up to $150,000.