30 Sep 2017

Ferry terminal's $1m hole

11:10 am on 30 September 2017
Fullers ferry

Photo: RNZ / Todd Niall

Auckland Transport is about to start work on fixing a hole in the seawall under the city's downtown ferry terminal.

Divers inspecting the wall last month found increased erosion, the agency said.

Chief engineer Andrew Scoggins said the hole was about 16m long and up to 1.2m deep.

Independent engineers had confirmed there was no risk of imminent failure butrecommended completing the work as soon as possible to prevent the erosion from continuing, he said.

One berth at the terminal will have to be closed while the wall is repaired, which will be done before the summer holidays at an estimated cost of $1m.

Some ferry services would have to be relocated within the ferry basin while the work was completed, Auckland Transport said. Full services should be able to be maintained.