9 Nov 2017

Spring storm: Baby girl almost born on side of road

3:02 pm on 9 November 2017

A baby was almost born at the side of the road near Invercargill yesterday morning, as snow and fallen trees held up their trip to hospital.

Baby Giovana

Baby Giovana Photo: Supplied

The two first-time parents only just made it to Invercargill Hospital, with the baby girl born 15 minutes after their arrival.

Father Bruno Amaral da Costa said the couple left Queenstown for the hospital about 4am on Wednesday, but the road was covered in snow and fallen trees.

"We were driving like, 40km, 50km, and she was having a lot of contractions, when suddenly the water breaks."

Mr Amaral da Costa said his girlfriend's waters broke near Lumsden, an hour's drive from Invercargill.

They checked in with their midwife, who told them they should make it to the hospital in time, but warned them the baby could be born in the car.

Despite the circumstances, Mr Amaral da Costa said he was calm, and drove very carefully while trying to get to Invercargill as fast as he could.

They made it to the hospital with just minutes to spare, they walked through the door between 7.45 and 7.50am, and the baby was born at 8.01am.

Bruno Amaral da Costa said both baby and mother are healthy and happy.

"I'm a dad, finally."