28 Jun 2010

Justice Wilson says errors in setting up conduct panel

9:07 pm on 28 June 2010

A judge under investigation about disclosures he made to the Supreme Court regarding bias claims, says there have been errors of law in setting up a panel to review his conduct.

Justice Wilson is fighting the appointment of a Judicial Conduct Panel to investigate a claim that he misled the Supreme Court.

The Judicial Conduct Commissioner investigated statements made to the Supreme Court about the judge's business relationship with a lawyer who appeared before him in a Court of Appeal case.

He recommended that the Acting Attorney-General appoint a panel to look further at Justice Wilson's behaviour and decide whether his conduct warranted removal from office.

However in his High Court claim Justice Wilson says the commissioner made several errors in law, including failing to identify the standard of misconduct requiring removal from office and taking account of hearsay.

A hearing date for the Judicial Review will be set later this week.