5 Dec 2017

Gang associate admits punching unconscious victim

1:35 pm on 5 December 2017

Two Black Power associates have admitted their part in an early morning assault in central Dunedin, where the victim was knocked unconscious and had his teeth broken.

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Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Poutokomanawa Hapi, 25, and Paora Grant, 21, this morning admitted the charge of injuring with intent to injure, stemming from the incident on 25 June.

The pair appeared in the Dunedin District Court through an audio-visual link.

Grant kicked the victim, who was on his hands and knees at the time, with a "football-style" kick to the head.

The unconscious victim was then straddled by Hapi who threw punches to his head while defenceless.

The attack only stopped when a member of the public stepped in.

Two others, Shakarna Epere, 23, and Keith Thomas, 21, admitted their parts in the fracas last week.

Epere's involvement was described as inciting the larger brawl which led to the victim being seriously injured.

She threw ineffective punches at the members of another group.

That evolved into the brawl between that group and the Black Power associates on Princes St in Dunedin.

The victim of serious assault suffered concussion and facial injuries, with two teeth being cracked and another two requiring removal and a dental plate inserted.

The man was off work for six weeks as a result of the incident.

Epere, Thomas and Hapi have also pleaded guilty to other lesser assaults stemming from the brawl.

All four will be sentenced on 30 January.