21 Jul 2010

Dying doctor urges voluntary euthanasia law

2:36 pm on 21 July 2010

An Auckland doctor diagnosed with a terminal illness says politicians need to consider legalising voluntary euthanasia.

John Pollock has metastatic melanoma and has been told he has only months to live.

Dr Pollock says the fact euthanasia is not an option is cruel and behind the times.

He says he has always been pro-euthanasia and his own plight has prompted him to speak out.

Dr Pollock says his cancer could kill him in an unpleasant and drawn-out way and the old-fashioned and ill-thought-out laws will force him to suffer to the end.

He says there's a strong possibility that if the option of euthanasia were there he would still not use it, but he wants the right to choose.

Dr Pollock says he wants to see the law changed as it is in some overseas countries.