29 Jul 2010

Woman's bravery praised by police

11:44 am on 29 July 2010

Police in Whangarei are praising the bravery of a woman who saved another woman from a violent attacker. Her son's car was wrecked in the process.

Tania Lewis and her son, aged 16, stopped to pick up a distressed woman being chased by a man in the suburb of Otaika on Tuesday night.

But the man followed them and rammed their car, forcing the women to flee to safety in a nearby house.

The car is a write-off. It had been bought by Mrs Lewis's son with a bequest from his grandmother.

A man is now in custody charged with multiple offences.

Acting Sergeant Joanna Rouse says Mrs Lewis did a very brave thing. She says calls are coming in from people who want to help buy a new car for the Lewises.