21 Jun 2018

Woman run over by thief stealing car in Auckland

5:24 pm on 21 June 2018

A West Auckland woman has been run over in her own driveway by someone who was trying to steal her car.

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Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

The offender broke into the woman's house just before midnight on Tuesday and took her car keys, police said.

The woman woke to the sound of her car starting and the offender trying to drive away.

The woman tried to stop the offender by jumping into the front passenger seat, but was run over in the process.

She received serious injuries and was taken to hospital. The offender left the car and ran away.

Police said they believed the offender had been breaking into other cars in the area.

The offender was described as a young Māori or Polynesian woman of slim build, with long brown hair parted in the middle.