3 Feb 2009

Tuesday's newspaper headlines

9:36 am on 3 February 2009

ACC faces $80 million bill for compensation to patients; armed offenders call-out in Otago; boy racers blame unrest on Christchurch mayor.

NZ Herald

The paper leads with the armed offenders call-out in Otago on Monday afternoon, reporting that the the man and woman had no chance of evading the large police contingent closing in on them. It describes the couple as walking away from their crashed Land Rover "like they were out for a Sunday walk".

Dominion Post

The top story looks at the $80 million bill faced by ACC for compensation to patients who suffered surgical errors, missed diagnoses and other treatment injuries. It reports the biggest individual payout was for more than $550,000 to a patient blinded after being injured by a treatment.

The Dominion Post features a picture of the members of Kenyan rugby sevens team who have arrived in the city for the Rugby Sevens, taking a cool dip in a pool after their three days of travel. The team describe the chilly temperate climate in the capital as "fake sun".

The Press

The paper follows up on the incident where boy racers attacked police. It says boy racers blame the weekend's unrest on Christchurch's Mayor Bob Parker. A quote from a 21-year-old driver says "You've got Bob Parker out there saying we run like cockroaches when we see the flashing lights. Did they expect no retaliation?".

Otago Daily Times

The front page features pictures of the armed offenders squad call out in the small Otago town of Palmerston on Monday. It reports a shot was allegedly fired at police, as a couple on the run with two young children tried to evade capture.