10 Mar 2009

Council seeks more control over public events

8:59 pm on 10 March 2009

All parades in Auckland will be subject to tougher controls if the city council adopts a recommendation to change its bylaws.

Councillor Graeme Muholland says a raft of recommendations to tighten Auckland City Council's powers over parades and events is not aimed at stopping the controversial Boobs on Bikes parade.

The council's public places working party has recommended that the council ask the Government for power allowing it to ban, limit or control events such as the erotica parade.

Mr Mullholland, who chairs the working party, says the recommendations concern safety issues surrounding public events. The council wants more legislative changes to regulate events which are not deemed suitable.

He says the recommendations are not a knee-jerk reaction to the council's failed legal attempts to stop the Boobs on Bikes parade last year, but it may have prompted discussion on the issue.

Mr Mullholland says the parade highlighted issues regarding how suitable exisiting bylaws and legislation are.

Organiser of the Boobs on Bikes parade Steve Crow says he is surprised the council is wasting ratepayers' money by trying to promote legislation which breaches the Bill of Rights.

He says even if a law were passed, he would go ahead with the parade anyway.

Mr Crow is seeking a judicial review of the council's current bylaw and says he looks forward to seeing the council in court.