13 Mar 2009

Closing addresses in taxi driver rape trial

11:39 am on 13 March 2009

Closing addresses have begun at the retrial of a former Wellington taxi driver accused of raping a passenger.

Abdirazak Mussa, 56, is facing two charges of rape and one of abduction in the Wellington District Court.

Crown Prosecutor Kristy McDonald told the jury that the accused's version of events was a fabrication and his description of the complainant making overt sexual overtures to him was a fantasy.

She said that while the complainant may have been foolish to go to Mr Mussa's home for a drink, it did not automatically follow that she consented to have sex with him.

Ms McDonald said several witnesses spoke about subsequent changes in the complainant's demeanour which were consistent with her having been raped as she described.

The defence lawyer will give his closing address on Friday afternoon.