6 Apr 2009

Bad weather delays search for missing American tramper

9:33 am on 6 April 2009

Search and rescue teams will not resume their search for a missing tramper in Nelson Lakes National Park until Tuesday at the earliest because of bad weather.

They hold out little hope of finding Edward Reynolds, 39, alive.

He was last seen leaving the East Matakitaki hut for the Lewis Pass area via the Spencer mountains five weeks ago.

Nine search teams, including dogs and whitewater kayakers, searched his intended route for three days, but they found no sign of him.

Sherp Tucker of search and rescue says they'll be taking cadaver-sniffing dogs with them next time they go into the area.

Earlier, Nelson police received an unconfirmed sighting of Mr Reynolds hitch-hiking from the Lewis Pass to Takaka about a day after he left the hut. They are appealing for any further sightings.