10 Jun 2009

Wednesday's newspaper headlines

7:53 am on 10 June 2009

David Bain campaigner Joe Karam has received more than $330,000 in legal aid; Schools get tough on truants; Police target suppliers of LSD and ecstasy.

New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with an attack on banks by MPs for not passing on interest rate cuts to customers. And Waitakere City Council is charging residents to collect rubbish it is later selling on TradeMe. Lawnmowers, barbecues, bikes and furniture have all been sold on the auction website.

Dominion Post

On the Dominion Post's front page schools get tough on truants. A new computer system alerts parents by text or email and asks them to explain why their children are not at school. The system has nearly halved the truancy rate in one school since it was introduced. And a $100 million redevelopment of Wellington's Overseas Passenger Terminal is approved by the Environment Court.

The Press

Leading The Press, David Bain champion Joe Karam has received more than $330,000 in legal aid since the Privy Council overturned Mr Bain's convictions two years ago. And a Christchurch school prepares to check parents suspected of cheating to get their children enrolled.

Otago Daily Times

The Otago Daily Times leads with police targeting suppliers of LSD and ecstasy. Detective Sergeant Grahme Bartlett says the operation has been under way in Queenstown and Central Otago for the past four months.