31 Aug 2010

Police foil teen burglary racket in Hamilton

8:11 pm on 31 August 2010

Police in Hamilton say they have foiled a burglary racket involving a band of teenagers.

They say most of the boys were aged between 14 and 15, and were arrested over 26 residential burglaries and the theft of several cars in a two-week period.

Police say they caught the boys driving in a convoy of three stolen vehicles last Wednesday, including one taken from a rest home.

A police spokesperson, Andrew McAlley, says their methods included knocking on the doors of homes and, if nobody answered, breaking in and taking televisions, electronics and laptop computers.

Mr McAlley says the youngest of the boys involved in the burglaries were 11 and 13.

He says members of the group will appear at family group conferences over the next two weeks, in line with the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act.

Police are also meeting with partner agencies, the schools and parents to identify management strategies for them.