7 Nov 2010

Recycling levy on new computers urged

2:33 pm on 7 November 2010

The organiser of the country's e-day collection says the Government should place a levy on new computers, rather than trying to charge people for disposing of their old ones.

At the eDay collection held at 50 centres throughout the country on Saturday, organisers say 17,787 cars, at least 1000 more than last year, dropped off computers, monitors and mobile phones for free recycling.

Next year's e-day is in doubt, with the Government looking at setting up permanent sites and charging households to dispose of their electronic waste.

The national organiser of e-day, Laurence Zwimpfer, says poorer communities are unlikely to pay the charge and he fears it will only encourage people to dump their computers at the landfill.

Instead, Mr Zwimpfer says, new computers should be levied with a $20 fee, to cover their disposal.