9 Dec 2010

Court sends plagiarism case back to university

5:54 pm on 9 December 2010

The Wellington High Court has referred allegations of plagiarism against a former student at Victoria University back to the institution for further consideration.

Brittany Bell had sought a judicial review of a decision by a university committee that prevented her from graduating from design school.

Ms Bell admitted that her work was influenced by other designers, but said they were acknowledged in the bibliography attached to her project.

Justice Clifford has found that the Wellington university was not unreasonable in finding that Ms Bell had plagiarised the work of other designers and it gave sufficient reasons for its decision.

However, he says the Disciplinary Appeals Committee made an error in law by not taking account of website references in Ms Bell's work and also did not give sufficient reasons for ruling that her plagiarism was intentional.

Justice Clifford ordered the university to reconsider those issues in light of his judgement.