11 Jan 2011

Brazen bank robber sought

10:36 am on 11 January 2011

Police in Auckland are hunting for a robber who has carried out three brazen holdups at banks on Fridays.

National Bank branches in Onehunga was robbed on 23 July, Dominion Road on 5 November and Mount Albert last Friday.

Detective Sergeant Pete Steward says the man uses a consistent approach: wearing plain clothes and entering the bank with a bag over his shoulder before pulling out a knife or machete and demanding money.

Given how clear the security camera footage is, he says they are surprised no-one has recognised the robber, whose image is published on the front of The New Zealand Herald on Tuesday.

Detective Sergeant Steward says the man is clearly not worried about concealing his identity and may strike again.

He is believed to be a Maori or Pacific Islander aged between 25 - 35 years.